Saturday, 29 August 2015

Year 8 Gear list for Powell Hut

Year 8 Annual Powell Hut Overnight Tramp
September 3rd to September 4th 2015

Clothing and equipment list



1 x Underwear
1 x Thermal top and bottom

Toiletries – facecloth, hairbrush, soap, deodorant  Toothbrush and paste  [no extra products]

Boots/sturdy shoes
The Warehouse has tramping boots on sale at the moment for just over $20

Sleeping bag (very warm) and pillow case
No Pillows!

2 x Socks woolen or polypro

Plate suitable for both dinner and breakfast, mug
Cutlery [can be plastic] knife / fork / Spoon or spork

1 x Water proof rain coat / jacket

Plastic bags x 4
2 can be bread bags to go into boots once we get into the snow line.

1 x Shorts  [if tramping in only]

Torch-Head band if poss
No carry torches

1 x Long warm trousers [no jeans]

Toilet paper ½ roll

1 x T-shirt

Water bottle (at least 1.5ltr each)
Or 2 smaller ones

Mittens/ gloves

1 x Woolen Jersey/polar fleece/
Tramping top

Personal first aid kit -  in a snap lock bag can include -  Panadol, plasters, strapping tape, Hand sanitizer Any personal medication / inhalers etc

1 x Beanie / woolly hat

1 x underwear [Powell Hut only]

Water proof over trousers [only if you have them.

Tramping Pack
Lge Black sack or rubbish sack for pack Liner

Tea / Coffee / alternate breakfast cereals etc

Food for lunch / snacks no fresh fruit.
Scroggin’ nuts / dried fruit etc. cheese, crackers, whole grain bread,

September 3rd to September 4th 2015
Clothing and equipment list

Please remember that everything in the above list will have to be packed into your child’s pack and carried to and from Powell Hut by them, so no boxed items and use snap-lock bags to store only what is needed for the tramp.  Everything will need to be light as the packs will need to weigh in total 8/10 kg max per child.     

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