Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Rocky Lookout by Abby Saywell

Rocky Lookout Tramp by
Abby Saywell

Yesterday on the 5th of August the Year 8 students of Carterton School got into their car groups and went to Mt Holdsworth. When we got there we meet up with Glenn Beach who was going to be coming with us on our practice tramp up to Rocky Lookout and also giving us some helpful tips for when we go on our hike up to Powell Hut. Once all of the students had gotten to Mt Holdsworth we talked to Beachy about what to put in our packs. He had on the table a pile of random objects and we all had to decide which objects we needed, might need or didn’t need at all. When we had finished Beachy talked us through what everything was and how it worked and what we did and didn’t need. Our next activity was to get into 3 small groups and figure out how far we would be walking today. Most groups guessed around 4 to 5km which was correct. We then talked about what food we should pack for going to Powell Hut. Beachy said to try to throw away packaging and to carry the lightest food possible. We had morning tea and went to the bathroom before we went up to Rocky Lookout. Just before we left we had one last activity to do. We all got into one big long line and he numbered us off so if one of us got lost we would know because they weren’t there. We had to yell out our numbers as loud as we could and remember our numbers throughout the whole walk. We also had to get into buddies but it didn’t last very long because everyone split up. About 10 minutes into the walk Alyssa hurt her knee so I walked with her the rest of the way up to the top. We stopped a few times and Jessica had bad asthma so she had to walk back down with Jasmin and one of the parent helpers. We kept going and before we knew it we were at the top of Rocky Lookout. Leana strapped up Alyssa’s knee so that when she went down it didn’t hurt as much. We had lunch at the lookout and when we finished we numbered off and walked back down again. Going down was much easier because we jogged most of it because it was steep and we had lots of energy after having our lunch. When we got to the bottom we got ourselves into our car groups and went back to school. Rocky lookout was a fun experience and it was a good practice tramp to build up to Powell Hut.

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