Saturday, 12 December 2015

Planned water fun fight

Dear Parents and Whanau

Room 12 and Room 14 are planning to have a water fight on Tuesday the 14th December, to have a bit of fun and celebrate the end of the year.  This will be weather dependant.

All students will need to bring a change of clothes/togs (that can get wet), shoes/jandals to wear (as there are prickles), towel, a plastic bag for wet clothes, water guns and/or water bottles.

If students forget to bring a change of clothes then they will not be able to participate.

Melanie MacGregor and Lesley Kennedy

Whats on this week - Week 10

Whats on this week – Week 10

Monday –   
Block One
Jump Jam
Softball Certificates given out
Homework marked
Block two
Moving P.E. Shed / EOTC cupboard - pack up classroom
Blocks 3 and 4
Room moving for last two blocks – whole school

Block One
Whole School Certificate Assembly 9:15 in the Event Centre – Merits x 3 per class / End of Year Certificates [lots]
Block two
Finish off activities - Thank you notes etc
Block three
Water fight (Bring a change of clothes, towel and water guns)
Block Four
Visiting new rooms.  (Leavers to Whaea Michelle for a game)
Park and ice block for Team Kahikatea

Wednesday ––
Block One
Jump Jam
Secret Santa gift giving
Final tidy up
Block two
11:00 Final Prize Giving Assembly in the Event Centre - Year 8 leavers receive their Report Files and leavers gift
12:30 Home time - Holidays.

Have a fantastic holiday break and I wish our Year 8 leavers all the best for College in 2016.