Tuesday, 3 March 2015

What's on this Week - Week 5

What’s on this week – Week 5 Term 1 2015
Some students thought that we had finished swimming and are not bringing their togs.  We are still swimming and will notify you when we stop.
Can you also remind your child to return their Report File from last year as we are still missing some – thanks.
Monday – Swimming -   Togs, towels etc needed. All students are expected to swim unless they have a note.
Tuesday – Technology.  Covered shoes essential and girls need to tie up their hair.  Careers and Languages.
Wednesday –Swimming.  School swimming in town pool, togs, towels etc needed.  All students are expected to swim unless they have a note.
Thursday – Sleepover begins at 6pm.  Please ensure all pink forms have been return completed. – See you all here
Friday –Big Day Out in Masterton……wahoooo!!!
·        Just a thought – we are half way through Term 1!
Year 8 Whanau – I have sent out a note to meet up with all of you to discuss your child’s learning for this year.  I am happy to come to your home [if you are OK with this] or make a time at school.  This will be an in-depth look at where your child is now and where to next so we can all work together to prepare him / her for college.  I will be phoning all of you after Sleepover too make this time. 
If your child has a device, they are welcome to bring it along to enhance learning, however please ensure that it is ‘school compatible’ so it will need Google drive and Docs, plus any games need to be age appropriate.

Lesley Kennedy

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