Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Sleepover / B.D.O. Timetable
Thursday 5 March
Sometime after 3pm - shower at home
6.00pm.  Bring your dinner & whanau and spend some time together.
Set up tents, bedding and sort your gear.
7.15pm.  Outside games for students and parents.
Pool will be open - weather permitting.
8.45pm.  Supper in the hall.
9.15pm. Spotlight
9.45pm. Back to tents, rooms
10.00pm.  Lights out.

Friday 6th March
6.30am.  Up and tidy bedding, Tents
7.00am.  Breakfast in the hall
7.45am.  Pack up all bedding and tents, tidy
8.00am.  Make lunch for our ‘Big Day Out’
8.55am   Roll Call in classrooms.
9.15 am  Bus to Masterton for a fun day out
2.45 pm  Return to school

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