Saturday, 14 March 2015

Year 7 and 8 EOTC Information for Whanau

EOTC Years 7 and 8 Students

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

For all Year 7 and 8 students, Carterton School provides an ‘Education Outside of the Classroom’ EOTC Programme.  We will run two programmes this year - one programme for the Year 7’s and a different programme for our Year 8’s.  There is a cost per student of $25 each and this covers our Service Provide, the use of equipment and his expertise.  We will be timetabling in one EOTC activity per term and any student EOTC fees can be paid off each time or through our school office over the year.  This programme is Board approved. 

Purpose of EOTC programme

  1.  To encourage children’s learning through first hand experiences in a challenging but safe environment beyond the four walls of the classroom.

  1.  To assist in increasing confidence, independence responsibility through meeting new challenges and taking appropriate risks.  “BUILD TRUST-THEN REQUIRE TRUST-THEN CHALLENGE IN AN ENVIRONMENT OF PEER TRUST AND SUPPORT.”

  1.  To provide opportunities for students to develop, practise, and demonstrate the key competencies, leadership and follow Carterton School 3R’s in a range of contexts within and across learning areas.

  1.  To increase knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the school area, local district and other less familiar places.

  1.  To develop an attitude of awareness of taking responsibility towards their own safety and that of others. Teaching as inquiry-teachers need to inquire into both learning needs and safety needs.

Our service provider for our EOTC programmes is:
Glenn Beach
Beach Adventures LTD
Kahikatea Outdoor Education Academy (KOEA) "Where adventure changes lives"
Te Whiti Road
RD4, Masterton

Lesley, Mel and Michelle

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