Saturday, 16 May 2015

Inquiry Term 2

Over the past 2 weeks Team Kahikatea have been exploring water and it's importance. 

Here is an outline of what we have been learning:
  • We have explored the water cycle and getting a clear understanding of how important the water cycle is to us and our planet.
  • We have been exploring land forms such as catchments and investigating the catchments roll in the water cycle process.
  • We have been exploring aquatic animals that live in and around catchments, habitats and what the aquatic animals roll is to show a catchment is healthy.
  • We have been identifying the main features of insects and identifying the different stages within an aquatic animals life cycle.
  • We have been exploring and investigating three chosen aquatic animals.

This week we will continue to investigate our chosen aquatic animals and deepen our understanding of the role of plants and algae in a catchment.

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